We’re in peoples’ mouths every day

In the morning, in the evening and preferably after every meal, looking after your teeth is important. We’re taught that from a young age.

The toothbrush we need to do this is an every day item, but looked at more closely is actually a high-tech product, at least the filaments certainly are.

Hahl Pedex offers over 25 different types of filament, made using the latest technology, from innovative materials and in 2820 possible Pantone colours for toothbrush manufacture.

Our standard dental care filaments are made from Polyamide 6.12 (Medex S®) and Polyester PBT (Dentex S). At the same time we can call upon our extensive experience of co-extruded production and hold patents for more than 10 different items.

In addition to this we offer many different packaging options to suit all brush manufacturing technology and will be glad to offer technical advice. Just ask.

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