Variety does not have to mean complex

When we talk about monofilaments, the Hahl Pedex name has long since stood for quality. Quality, that starts with a wide offering of products for the most varied kinds of applications, and finishes with high performance and ultimately in satisfaction for the end user.

We process all common types of polymer eg. PE, PP, PET, PBT, TPE, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6/66, PA 6.10, PA 6.12 as well as high performance polymers such as PA 12, PPS, PEEK and PVDF in a diameter range from 0,10mm (.004”) – 1,20mm (.048”).

Standard spool types

DIN 160, DIN 200, K 2000, DIN 250 – DIN 250R120 – DIN 250/400, DIN 335, DIN 355, VM 355

We produce monofilaments in our sites in Munderkingen, Baden Württemberg, Germany and Lexington SC, USA.

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