Safety first: Hahl Pedex for the automotive sector

Cars are longer supplied without seat belts or airbags – many innovative developments in the last few decades have made driving a car safer. The reliability of such safety features can be partially attributed to the use of monofilaments.

Where our monofilaments can be found in the car

Seat belts

We were the development partner in the production of the now globally used Ruka Flex technology. Our monofilaments are not just used in seat belts to improve stiffness, but also to improve the winding function of the belt and to reduce wear.

Braided sleeve

For braided sleeves, which protect electrical cables and tubes inside the vehicle, we have developed a broad product range of monofilaments made from different polymers. With products ranging from polyester to polyamide to high performance polymers such as PPS and PEEK, we are able to meet the demands of both the automotive and the aerospace industries.


Our polyamide 6.6 filaments are used in the manufacture of vehicle airbags which are essential in avoiding serious injury in the event of an accident.

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