Simply making life better: consumer products from Hahl Pedex

Try to imagine a world without monofilaments: who could live without a zip? Anglers wouldn’t have much luck without a line and tennis players without any strings in their racket.

We offer monofilaments for:


Monofilaments for zip manufacture are made from PA 6.6, PA 6 and PP as well as special polymers, which are further optimized for this end use.

Tennis strings

In close cooperation with our partners in the tennis industry, we have developed tennis strings for professionals, ambitious club players and novices. Most strings are made from Polyester and other additives.

Fishing line

Our wide range of fishing line products made from co-polyamides and crystal clear PVDF give anglers the best possible chance to catch fish.

Strimmer line

For electric or petrol powered strimmers we offer the highest quality strimmer line, including, on request, abrasive filled material for sale through trade outlets.

Furniture industry

Our elasticized and regular monofilaments are used in coverings for soft furnishings, and are also available with UV stabilisors.


Hygienic and kind to the skin: our monofilaments can also be found as reinforcement in lingerie.

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