Separating the good from the bad; Hahl Pedex filtration range

Filtration units are only as good as their most important part; the filter itself. When it comes down to the choice of the right material, many companies in this area count on Hahl Pedex.

We manufacture specially developed monofilaments in a diameter range of 0,10mm (.004”) – 1,20mm (.048”) and in a wide range of polymers including PP, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.10, PA 6.12, PA 12, PPS, PEEK, PVDF and finally PET. Using our technology and vast experience in polymer modification and the use of additives, we have developed monofilaments made from a high grade of polypropylene which at the same time are wear resistant once woven into a fabric. We offer filaments with special repellant surfaces for easier filter cake dissolution, reliable stability under mechanical load, and thermo chemical stability for critical applications.

Our product range


Various standard and modified monofilaments with specific characteristics such as low wear, heat stabilization or non stick.


Almost all common and high grade polyamides for properties such as improved mechanical load, thermo chemically stabilized and hydrolysis resistance.


From thin to thick diameter with good diameter control and with the option of hydrolysis resistance for the food industry.

High performance polymers


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