Printing made easy: Hahl Pedex for paper machine clothing

For highly sensitive paper machine clothing, we offer a broad spectrum of products in polyester, polyamides and also in high performance polymers. In this field the products we supply are often individually tailored to customers needs. Even as far back as the 1970s we helped Veit of Göppingen, Germany to manufacture the base fabric for press felts, which went on to become the basis for today’s Bat on Mesh technology.

Our range of PA 6 based thermal and chemically stabilized monofilaments and their future generations, featuring wear resistant ‘Monowear’ technology, demonstrates our skill in modifying standard products.

Forming fabric

PET, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.12 filaments are used for the machine side and as a joining filament and PET is used for the paper side

Press felt

PA 6 with better wear resistance

PA 6 thermal/chemical stabilized

PA 6 with improved knot strength

PA 6.6 transparent or in colours

PA 6.10

PA 6.12 as a base material for twisting or as an individual filament for stitched fabrics

Dryer section

PPS and hydrolysis resistant PET in different diameters and profiles

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New Multifil Range