Because a workman should never blame his tools

Whether in the home or in business: choosing the right tool determines the outcome. Hahl Pedex offers not only the world’s widest range of brush filaments, but also many other items for the most demanding applications

  • Nylon 6, 6.6, 6.10, 6.12, Polyester PBT and LDPE
  • High tech polymers including UL94 V0 rated flame retardant, high temperature resistant Nylon, PPS, PEEK, conductive and anti static Nylon.
  • Technical support and advice
  • Manufacturing on 2 continents

Which polymer is the best suited to your application?

Whatever you need, we have it: even if you are looking for the most unusual of properties.

Temperature resistance:

Regular Nylons and Polyesters have a comparable continuous working temperature of 80 -100°C (176 – 212°F). Polypropylene (PP) and LDPE will withstand less.

Chemical resistance:

Nylon has an excellent resistance to alkaline solutions (pH>7). Polyester has en excellent resistance to acids (pH<7). PP has a good resistance to all chemicals.

Wet or dry application?

The best suited polymers for wet applications are Polyester PBT, Nylon 6.10 and Nylon 6.12 due to their low moisture absorption. PP and LDPE absorb no moisture. Nylon 6 and 6.6 become softer and less effective, the longer they remain in contact with moisture.

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