When just clean isn’t clean enough

Just because something has been cleaned, in some cases doesn’t mean that this apparent cleanliness is enough. Quite often ‘clean’ means ‘hygienically clean’ – and this is where products from Hahl Pedex come in.

Diameter range

0,15mm (.006”) – 1,00mm (.040”)


Round, level or crimped, x profile, different colours, flagged

Polymer range

PET regrind (Polymex®)*, Polypropylene, PA 6, PA 6.6, Duramid 706®. PA 6.12, Polyester PBT

All raw materials are FDA approved (* with the exception of Polymex®)

Applications in the home

Floor cleaning brushes, hair brushes, brooms, twisted-in-wire bottle brushes, snow brushes, hand-held car wash brushes

Applications in the hygiene industry

Food processing industry – eg. Butchers, slaughterhouses, bakeries, fishmongers, breweries and dairies

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New Multifil Range