Professionals at work: Hahl Pedex at home in the technical brush industry

On the roads or at the carwash, in the textile industry or in the food industry: the uses for synthetic brush filaments know no bounds, which is actually no big surprise. Their amazing properties make virtually everything possible.

Diameter range:

0,05mm (2 mils) – 3,50mm (13.5 mils)


Round, crimped/level, x profile, star shape, flagged, mixed, different colours

Polymer range:

PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.10, PA 6.12, PA 12, PBT, PP, LDPE, PET


PA 6 Bilon (alkaline resistant), PA 6 flame retardent, PA 6 conductive, PA 6 anti static, heat stabilised, UV stabilised, chemical resistant, FDA approved grades

Areas of application:

Strip brushes, disc brushes, roller brushes or round brushes for cleaning, transporting, sealing, structuring, polishing and deburring.

Industries where Hahl Pedex filaments are used:

Street cleaning, printing industry, textile processing, automotive industry, food processing, steel mills, chemical factories, vacuum cleaners, car wash units

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